Yacht sex tape

yacht sex tape

Yesterday, YACHT 's Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evans wrote a long Facebook post describing the alleged leak of their own sex tape, blaming. Yesterday, we told you about YACHT, a Los Angeles-based band and romantic duo who said a sex tape of theirs had been stolen by someone who was planning to circulate it widely. It was a hoax, and they tried months ago to get our company in on it. The email was written by Claire L. Update: YACHT just dropped the "real" sex tape on theshopaholicchronicles.com—revealing that it was a sham all along. The video, filmed in grainy. yacht sex tape


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Click here to log in. In an email from over a month ago, she wrote:. UK Ltd Entertainment Network. Please enter your account email address, we'll send you an email with instructions to reset your password:. Evans and Jona Bechtolt have every reason to

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Activists have fought for years muslim hardcore sex secure some shred of legal recourse for victims of revenge porn. But unfortunately, YACHT was probably too wrapped up in the assumed potential of their project to realize what trolling the world actually looks like from the outside. And the "write now, think later" mantra of online news outlets does often lead to mistakes and shoddy reporting. Then, by "taking control" of the story, YACHT positioned themselves as heroes, willing to put on a brave face and benefit from a horrible experience. The video comes with all the NSFW caveats that come with a PornHub link, but the video itself is not sexually graphic.

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